Welcome to 5W

Welcome to at-home learning for March 2021.

We will have a zoom call each morning at 0900.

Here is what you can work for each day:


Monday 29th Tuesday 30th Wednesday 31st April 1st

No school today due to the weather.  So this is the work we will do tomorrow.



Finish the work from last week first! (see chart below)


Sumdog - Continue to work towards completing 1000 questions in the multiplication & division challenge.

Double Digit Multiplication Instructions

Another teacher shows how to do it.

Practice Questions Sheet 1 - Print off, OR write out the questions and complete them.

See how the Practice Questions were done here.

Once you are able to do the questions, move onto these 4 practice pages.

Reading - today you will read an article on ReadWorks.org about habits.  After reading the passage you have questions to answer.


Class Code: QVUKFH


Monday's work was carried over into today.


Congratulations to Bayleigh for completing the Sumdog challenge


Sumdog - work on the challenge  (20 Minutes)

Typing Club (20 minutes)

You need to show Mr. Ward that you have completed the multiplication pages from yesterday before starting the next math lesson.

Basic Division Instruction - by Math Antics

Practice Questions Sheet 1 - Print off, OR copy questions onto paper and complete them,


See how the practice questions on sheet 1 are done here.

Once you are able to do the questions, move on to these 4 practice pages.

Have your work checked by a parent or show Mr. Ward your work.

Reading - today you will be reading an article about a surfer girl.  After reading the passage you will answer questions.


Class Code:QVUKFH





Sumdog - work on the challenge and try to finish it today.

Typing Club (15 minutes minimum)


Introduction to long division - you need to have completed yesterday's basic division first.

Practice Questions Sheet 1 - Print off or copy onto paper and complete them.


See how the practice questions on sheet 1 are done here.

Once you are able to do the practice questions, try these long division questions only on the first 3 pages

Reading - today you will be reading the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, followed by some questions.


Class Code:QVUKFH

Monday 22nd Tuesday 23rd Wednesday 24th Thursday 25th Friday 26th

PE with Joe Wicks - find some space inside to do this.

Xtramath facts practice

Sumdog - Multiplication & Division Challenge (20 minutes)  Work towards completing 1000 questions in 10 days.

Brainpop - search up and watch videos on:

  • commutative property
  • distributive property

Annoying Multiplication Song

Multiplication and division relationships video

Fact Families/Arrays

Game Practice - can you get to level 4?

Typing Club - 20 minutes

Science - complete the 3 different study jams and then do the Go Formative Quiz.

Guided Reading - Log into EpicBooks and use classcode:


Look for your reading assignments.  Some of you will have Bears, some will have Arctic Wolves.  Read, or have it read to you and complete the quiz at the end. (It shows me how long you log in for so do not rush to the end of the book!)


PE Lessons - Would You Rather

Would You Rather 2


Xtramath Practice

SumDog - multiplication and Division Challenge continues

Math Lessons

Another Multiplication Song

- Multiplying by 10,100,1000

Multiplying Multiples of 10,100,1000


Questions 2- either print off the questions of copy and complete onto paper. Have your parents check the answers or show your teacher on Google Hangouts

Typing Club

Epic Books - Guided Reading and answer the quiz questions


Brainpop - search up the video for Property Changes and take the quiz after the video

EdPuzzle Video on Physical&Chemical Changes

Game - Little Alchemy - click and drag elements and see if you can make over 15 items (I made 15)

PE Lessons (short)

Level Up

Level Up 2

Follow the Ninja - beat the virus


SumDog Challenge

Learn about Similies - Quick as a Cricket Story

Brainpop Junior - Similies

Similies Song - Lenka All Everything at Once

Disney Version for Similies

Understand Similies Slideshow

Create Your Own Similies and submit.

If you have not completed and Epic Book quizzes for Monday/Tuesday - you can do them today.

You have extra time to use watching the Social Studies video for Mr. Mak.



Multiplication Game - can you get to level 4?

Multiplication Game 2 Can you complete all the levels?

Math Check Up - Let me Know how many you get correct out of 10

Multiplication Lesson - Math Antics

Practice Questions 1

Practice Video for Questions 1

Main Practice Questions - 5 pages

It may take you a couple of days to do these questions.  Make sure your parent checks them with a calculator, and show Mr. Ward your work when it is corrected.


Check out today's reading assignment from Epic Books




Time to catch up on the work you did not get done earlier this week:

Mr. Mak's Social Studies work


Xtramath Practice

SumDog Challenge - work towards completing 1000 questions

Writing Assignment - How to Have the Best Day at Home Alone





Grade 5 Farewell Video (June2020)

Research Websites:

Britannica Kids

Kids Encyclopedia Facts

Safe Search Kids

DK Findout!


Classroom Pictures